At daily.dev, I created marketing assets, contributed to the swag store, created promo videos and GIFs for announcements, and designed the marketing website. In 2022, I played a key role in daily.dev winning Golden Kitty awards on Product Hunt and assisted in the design of product screenshots. The same year, daily.dev secured $11 million in funding, and I contributed to the design and announcement of their seed round.

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I joined the daily.dev team in August 2022 when we were a small group, and since then, the platform has experienced significant growth. I played a key role in building brand awareness within the community, catering to our large and customer-focused user base. We needed to be creative to engage our developer community and ensure they enjoyed using our app to stay updated on tech news. My contributions included designing dynamic changelog covers, creating GIFs to convey feature messages, and refreshing the marketing website on Webflow. I also designed various pages, including the landing, about us, apps, contact us, and blog pages. Additionally, I crafted a playful 404 page and designed store covers, emails, and swag items. For major launches like "Squads" and "AI Search," I storyboarded and animated promo videos. During the "Squads" launch, I designed branding for 20 different squads, each requiring post templates and profile images. These past two years have been dynamic and productive for daily.dev's marketing efforts, and I've enjoyed every minute of the journey.

My responsibilities

  • Marketing design

  • Wireframing

  • Animating

  • Web design

  • Brand development

  • Storyboarding


GitHub stars

Golden Kitty

Product Hunt award winner


active users on Google Chrome


seed round raised

Designs that I can confidently say I nailed 🔨

I created several web designs using Figma and brought them to life on Webflow. Click here to explore the live website.

Changelog cover

New algorithm update: This visual illustrates that with the updated algorithm, the daily.dev app will display a more improved feed

Email designs

I also created a few email designs, made layout improvements, designed specific visuals for events, and built Figma generators.

Countdown GIFs for the AI search launch

Before the AI search feature, I created these 7-day countdown visuals. We posted these images on X daily to generate curiosity among our users as they didn't know what to expect. Each day featured a different message in the GIF, and I envisioned this visual as the perspective of our users counting down from their desks until the big day.

Product Hunt launch

The Product Hunt launch was one of my first significant projects at daily.dev. We quickly made the plans, and within a couple of weeks, we launched everything with a space theme. I animated each visual, and we won the Golden Kitty Awards for the best community product. See the slides from here 👀

Changelog cover

Another simple changelog design to announce the new weekly newsletter

Sticker designs

At daily.dev, we had numerous campaigns, and this was one of them. I designed the stickers and created promotional materials

Deploy responsibly beer glass

This is probably the most fun thing I came up with at daily.dev. This beer glass was designed for developers with a warning, advising them not to deploy beyond the line labeled 'do not deploy past this point.' It also featured the message 'Deploy responsibly'

Command + eat pet bowl

As a dog mum, it was my responsibility to create a design for pet owners in the developer community. This is for a tech-savvy furry friend, guiding them to eat with the message on the pet bowl saying 'Command + Eat'. More of designs are in this link 👀

Oh this is the highlight!

Oh this is the highlight!

Oh this is the highlight!

I hope you enjoyed this quick summary of my visual brand designer journey at daily.dev as much as I did. I undertook a variety of tasks and functioned almost like an agency. My experience with them made me realise how much I enjoy creating marketing-related designs, as it truly unleashes my creativity.

Working in this expanding company has been a comprehensive career growth experience for me. While this is a very brief overview of my accomplishments, there is much more I could share. However, I respect your time. The highlight of this project, for me, is that it has opened my eyes to what I want to pursue in my career and what I enjoy the most. ⚡️

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